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Legacy System Modernization

Architecture-based modernization and refactoring of business software.

We breathe new life into IT systems and applications

Modernization and Refactoring

We ensure technological readiness to support the cloud and other modern architecture environments. We bring your applications into the future accurately and efficiently, with minimal business disruption. We will revamp outdated IT systems in a proven and flexible way.

A proven modernization approach reduces risk and errors. This allows us to modernize software in months, not years.

We convert code from older to modern languages, modify UI/US, databases and environment architecture.

We make iterative refinements on the quality, performance, and security of modernized systems through a careful approach to refactoring.

We modernize and migrate directly to the cloud, modern architectures and cloud-native services. We reuse all transformation and refactoring rules across the entire application portfolio.

COBOL, PL/1, JCL, Perl, Ada, Fortran and more - these are just a few examples of our competences with legacy code.

Solutions for Business

We modernize and implement IT systems tailored to the expectations of our Clients. We can optimize the technologies used and the modification process to meet the budget requirements of even the most complex projects. Thanks to this work culture, we have been successfully competing with the best companies in the field of IT systems and software development for medium and large enterprises for over 20 years.

Legacy Systems Modernization competences

Our transparent and flexible approach will allow your company to modernize legacy applications within the shortest possible time frame and with minimal business risk.

Portfolio & Application Assessments

Risk Analysis, Mitigation & Remediation

Test, Integration Deployment & Go-Live Planning

Code Conversion

Refactoring & Round-Tripping

Data Migration & Sync

User Interface Modernization

Software Maintenance & Updates

Containerization & Modularization

Cloud Enablement & Readiness

Minimal business disruption

Precise and functional equivalent

Fully controlled deployment

Long lasting warranty

Minimized business risks

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