We ensure success of our partner’s marketplaces by supporting the process of vendor/supplier onboarding. We focus on results not checklists.

Organisations using marketplaces to leverage their channels expect us to:

What is necessary for your marketplace to succeed:

  • Business model - that’s you
  • Marketplace software - i.e Mirakl
  • Integration with your ecommerce suite - that’s your software house
  • Onboarding for all vendors. That’s us. It is the last and necessary step for any marketplace


Successful onboarding team needs strong technical competence. Only this enables it to be a competent partner for commercial team working for the marketplace vendor.


What are the typical onboarding challenges?

  • Technical complexity of the onboarding process.
  • Vendors/suppliers do not know how to integrate or provide necessary data.
  • Vendors/suppliers do not foresee / do not remember what they have to do.
  • Software and processes tend to be too complicated for many vendors. Help and guidance is required.
  • Achieving sufficient data quality is not easy.
  • Time required for successful onboarding when you have to create and train onboarding team from scratch
  • Time to market - without onboarding support target may be achieved in years, not month.
  • Multilingual and multicultural environment.


What should happen when a vendor has a problem with marketplace integration? What your onboarding team should do? Fix the problem? Return the error code to the vendor? Not exactly. The best way to deal with those issues is to:
  • diagnose the problem,
  • explain the solution to the vendor,
  • let them fix it,
  • and validate the result.

The goal is always vendor’s independence.


What exactly we do? Our responsibility is to:

  • Ensure that vendors are autonomous in the marketplace.
  • Validate quality and vendor’s readiness.
  • Deliver results not checklists. Which is something simply impossible with typical business process outsourcing (BPO) operations.
  • Build competent support team for marketplace suppliers that can scale up and scale down quickly. Team that understands your business speciality.
  • Help vendors choose the optimal onboarding model.
  • Deliver Knowledge Base, Business Processes and Quality Assurance.
  • Validate quality of data in your marketplace.
  • Assist vendors in all technical challenges.
  • Handle all boring and cumbersome technical details.
  • Train your team to take over onboarding processes in the future.


Your onboarding team needs to understand the case of each vendor and help them choose the optimal way to integrate with your marketplace platform. This requires blend of business skills and technical understanding.


What are the onboarding success factors?

  • No communication barriers
  • Focus on results not on checklist
  • Technical competency of onboarding team
  • Thinking about the whole project
  • Efficiency of the process


What is our relevant experience?

  • Onboarding for Accor Hotels procurement platform / marketplace.
  • Deep technical and business understanding of Mirakl platform (including API) and marketplace projects dynamics.
  • Exhaustive technical competences: delivery of big Mirakl based project - Conforama France Marketplace.
  • We work for Mirakl as external Research & Development (i.e. digital assets management)
  • Experience in large retail projects with clients and participants from multiple countries including: France, Germany, Poland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Czechia and others - for clients like FiS, Toyota, Conforma, Melodic, Connective, Audioteka.
  • Experience in on-time delivering complex projects with mix-language teams and significant cultural differences.
  • Extensive ability to create, manage and scale teams with mixed language competences with competitive cost structures.
  • Access to pool of employees with language competences including but not limited to: French, German, Polish, English, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Usability focused delivery team that understands need for end-user autonomy and setting up tools in a way that enable efficient work with those tools in self-care/self-service models.
  • Experienced Quality Assurance team working closely with developers to deliver solutions in complex environments (many actors - including institutional users, multiple contractors, complex integration testing)
  • Know-how related to efficient training and knowledge transfer in projects with multiple suppliers in various locations with constantly evolving scope.
  • Specialization in B2B solutions for large organizations (majority of 7bulls.com projects)
  • Proven ability to manage scope, processes and expectations to deliver success in complex IT projects.


Quality often depends on small details and issues that seem trivial, but they are not. One of those examples is preparation of guidelines and quality control of images


When you should talk to us?

  • Planned marketplace projects. The sooner the better. Efficient onboarding process can significantly reduce time-to-market.
  • Marketplace projects that are just staring and need support with onboarding.
  • Existing marketplace projects that need to boost efficiency.


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