Large-scale management of equipment and other company resources, guaranteeing specific, measurable savings. An excellent fit for companies that handle service requests.

The system has been implemented at one of the biggest digital TV operators in Poland. For more than 3 years, it has been effectively improving the management of the life cycle of equipment. The conducted implementation tests show that the system helps to achieve significant savings.

Milion&One operates on a large-scale, simultaneously providing microscopic detail of work.

The main benefits of implementing Million&One:

  • Improved quality and significantly shorter time of customer service.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs (including personnel costs) of service performance.
  • Reduced risk of “lost orders” and other mistakes occasionally made by staff.
  • High scalability and efficiency of the system, contributing to increased company’s turnover without the necessity of changing the software.
  • Mission critical – the system guarantees high reliability necessary for correct provision of service.
  • Easy adaptation to the changing procedures and requirements – no programmers are needed for advanced configuration of the system.


Million&One is an enterprise-class system, offering high flexibility, performance and reliable operation.

The system enables:

  • Management of the life cycle of millions of devices working in the field – from their introduction to the market or into use, through their replacement, refreshing and repairs, to recycling.
  • Planning, optimizing and execution of equipment handling processes, depending on its age, operating history, and current condition.
  • Support of company’s own fixed assets, stock, and warranty service in B2B and B2C relations (various handling processes).
  • Very effective and quick registration of returns, complaints, acceptances, repairs, replacements and collecting the equipment from service (with special consideration of mass returns and B2B operations).
  • Defining service operations and equipment handling paths without changing the system code.
  • Data entry with the use of serial number readers and touchscreens, which improves the work speed and efficiency of the logistics and service personnel.
  • Support for the international standard of fault description using the IRIS codes.
  • Recognition of devices by the serial number or model, i.e. support for quality and quantity articles.
  • Easy integration with the systems used in the company, e.g. logistic, accounting, ERP and CRM systems.
  • Rights management at the level of business operations and form elements.
  • Settlement of costs (of workmanship, parts, and transport).
  • Support for the operation of external service companies.
  • Communication with the customers related to the rendered maintenance services.
  • Management of spare parts storage using the inbuilt logistic module.
  • Generating servicer statistics in real time.
  • Generating reports of operations for specified periods (reporting module).


The Milion&One system is used by companies whose size requires a correspondingly large servicing traffic, i.e. by:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of IT, radio and TV, and home electronic appliances
  • Automotive (including parts and subsystems)
  • Helpdesk companies (sales support)
  • Call centre companies
  • Manufacturers of industrial counters and other specialized devices
  • Big warehouses


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