Light and fast Digital Asset Management with inbuilt advanced photo deduplication. Dedicated for marketplace and e‑commerce type systems.

In the Marketplace-type eCommerce solutions, hundreds of thousands or even millions of products are dealt with. From 2 to 10 additional pieces of content, i.e. photographs, videos, or documents are usually associated with each of the products. Moreover, these pieces usually come from many different providers. Often, at an early stage of the implementation of such a system, the eCommerce platform needs to be extended to include a dedicated tool to manage such content – it is usually a separate Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

The main tasks of DAM systems are:

  • Indexing the content enriched with metadata
  • Retrieving and filtering the content based on various criteria
  • Storing the content with a backing
  • Processing the content based on pre-defined rules, including:


  • Automatic quality validation
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Conversion into a variety of formats (thumbnails, different directory sizes)
  • Automatic marking (watermarks, product fiches, QR codes, brand identity)


  • Content access control (black- and whitelisting rules, manual content overwrite)

The features of 7bulls Kuiper DAM system that distinguish it from the competitors include, among others:

  • Flexible API to allow the system to be integrated with any other systems in the eCommerce environment – both the source systems (partners’ PIM/eCommerce platforms, media storage systems, network drives, cloud services) and the target systems for the content (eCommerce platform, printed material composition tools, social media systems)
  • Easy incorporation into existing content management processes (acceptance procedures, external data processing tools) and the automation of some of them (initial quality validation, automatic content conversions and processing, the application of watermarks)
  • The possibility of implementation based on cloud solutions thanks to which it is much easier to scale the solution depending on the current needs and reduce the costs related to the infrastructure

Both the content processing operations and the methods for integration with external systems are customised from time to time to meet the specific needs of the eCommerce environment which the Kuiper DAM system is being implemented in.

If you are interested in Kuiper DAM system or our other solutions with regard to eCommerce or Marketplace systems, feel free to contact us directly.

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