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Software Development Outsourcing

We provide complete and dedicated software development services for business projects. We provide teams of software development experts in very flexible cooperation models.
  • We strengthen your team. Experienced experts with all the required skills join your team and work effectively directly under your direct supervision.
  • Dedicated design team. We deliver all or part of your project. We agree on the final result of the work. We communicate and provide progress reports regularly.
  • End-to-End. We take full responsibility for the entire project risk - from deadlines and budget to the final quality of the software. We free your time for business.
  • Agile. We understand business. We will adapt to what you need - team size, competences, pricing models and work culture.
  • We deliver the result. Regular, measurable, high-quality results for your business without the hassle of recruiting, training and developing an IT team on your end.
Innovation Is in Our DNA
We build innovative IT systems responding to business challenges. We continuously use technologies such as (AI/ML, Hybrid Cloud, Blockchain, Kubernetes or IoT). We turn technology achievements into profitable products and solutions for start-ups and businesses. Check out current trends by contacting our expert.

Software development outsourcing competences

We have many practical software outsourcing competencies that will save you time and money in business
  • Wide pool of seniors developers
  • Business analysis
  • Project Management
  • Product ownership
  • Agile development
  • Scrum masters
  • Technology architects
  • QA assurance
  • +50% staff with expert level expertise
  • longest project ongoing started in 2009
  • clients in 30+ countries worldwide
  • hands-on knowledge of industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail, logistics, oil & gas, TMT.

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