• Re_Forms 21 is a software migration service from Oracle Forms to a three-layer architecture (JAVA) at less than 40% of the cost of redeveloping a system from scratch.

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning competences and teams + attractive financing

  • Banking & Insurance competency center. Over 12 years of experience in working for the biggest financial institutions. Working solutions in over 23 countries.

  • We ensure success of our partner’s marketplaces by supporting the process of vendor/supplier onboarding. We focus on results not checklists.

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  • We build and supplement effective teams of specialists in the IT industry.

  • Full multi-cloud automation for enterprise and Big Data. Protection from vendor lock-in with cloud providers. A manageable multi-cloud.

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  • A solution that increases sales in brick and mortar stores. It was successfully introduced by Conforama in more than 200 stores in France.

  • Ordering and acceptance of IT system quality with simultaneous reduction in system TCO and number of post‑implementation changes. The service is a laureate of ComputerWorld: Best In Cloud 2017.

  • Light and fast Digital Asset Management with inbuilt advanced photo deduplication. Dedicated for marketplace and e‑commerce type systems.

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  • Large-scale management of equipment and other company resources, guaranteeing specific, measurable savings. An excellent fit for companies that handle service requests.

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  • Ordering product information in e‑commerce and marketplace. Cloud Serverless architecture - the cost depends only on actual use of resources.


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