Project title: “Preparation of the Eurogrant project planned for implementation by Sp. z o.o. under the Horizon Europe program.”

Aim of the project: The aim of the project is to prepare an application for Eurogrant, the implementation of which will allow Sp. z o.o. to increase innovation by broadening the SaaS services it offers with DPaaS (Decision Processes as a Service) and FOaaS (FOrecasting as a Service), which will be the result of the PRECISE project. The product will significantly expand the Applicant's customer base. The aforementioned services created as part of the PRECISE project will at the same time be a stand-alone product offered to customers in various sectors and industries, including the financial sector, urban multi-modal transportation, and climate-related decision-making areas. The product will improve the decision-making process through better forecasting of results, providing data for decision-making, and automating the entire decision-making process. In line with its strategy, is continuing to develop a solution that will become the company's flagship product and will set new standards in handling decision-making and time series prediction.

Project duration:02.11.2021 – 16.12.2022

Overall costs of the project: 239 310 zł

Co-financing: 239 310 zł


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