Digital Signal Processing Engineer

remote, Warsaw

| 20 000 – 30 000 PLN + VAT for B2B

Together with VoiceSense Europe, we provide predictions of behavioral patterns through the acoustic analysis of conversations between two individuals, eg. a sales representative and a customer, a doctor and a patient or a HR representative and an employee, to name a few. We plan to expand our state-of-the-art speech processing and ML-based prediction engine.

We are looking for a highly motivated signal processing engineer that is energized by working in a collaborative team environment and research challenges. If you feel comfortable with most of the Key responsibilities and you would like to work in a dynamic, agile team in an international, R&D oriented environment, apply now!

Key responsibilities

  • analyze, preprocess and extract features from speech audio signals for data science, machine learning and deep learning models;
  • implement denoising algorithms and software to enhance the quality of speech analytics;
  • working both with the time and frequency domains in signal processing using a variety of functional modules, SAD, Pitch Estimation, Fourier Transform, etc.;
  • speech processing terminology, ideas, and concepts (diarization, harmonicity, denoise, ITU, phoneme, etc.).

It would be great if you already had contact with the following topics, otherwise you can learn with us:

  • develop, train, test and validate outcomes with deep learning models used in speech recognition (RNN and LTSM in particular);
  • implementation (or usage) of speech recognition algorithms;
  • use speech prosodic features to determine personality traits and behaviors.

Necessary Technical Experience

  • real-life experience with either C, C++ or Python development;
  • experience with implementing complex numerical algorithms;
  • knowledge of machine learning tools is a big plus (especially Keras, scikit, numpy);
  • experience with MATLAB is a plus.

Required Qualifications

  • 3+ years of applied digital signal processing experience for speech analysis;
  • BA/BS degree with relevant experience in signal processing, data science, computer science, mathematics or related technical discipline;
  • strong communication skills and the ability to describe complex technical concepts to team members and business partners;
  • ability to evaluate new state-of-the-art techniques and technology innovations, incorporate relevant research and apply to current business initiatives.

We Offer

  • remote work or office in the downtown of Warsaw, if preferred;
  • lasting and flexible contract;
  • support in application for IPBox for R&D works;
  • possibilities of self-development (developer courses, foreign language classes etc.) included in working hours;
  • Multisport;
  • private healthcare;
  • fun fund.
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