A solution that increases sales in brick and mortar stores. It was successfully introduced by Conforama in more than 200 stores in France.

Benefits of Omni7:

  • More effective sales – faster customer handling(all information on the tablet on the salesperson’s belt),
  • Higher customer satisfaction – a combination of the benefits of online shopping with the advantages of buying in a traditional store.
  • Lower employee cost and better productiveness of the salesforce–the same number of salespeople are able to process a higher number of customers during one day,
  • Less employee training – each employee has the necessary knowledge within their reach, and the training for new and existing workers can be organized less frequently and is shorter,
  • The employer does not need to hire specialists with experience in a similar position – OMNI7 allows for the more universal use of employees and their good preparation for work.

OMNI7 is a specialized business system of high reliability. Implementation in the chain of Conforama stores in France:

  • over 200 large-area stores
  • more than 200,000 products
  • 3,400 sales people with tablets

OMNI7 combines the benefits of traditional sales with the convenient  choosing and purchasing offered on the Internet. A store which exists physically and the presence of a salesperson, improves customer trust. The customer is willing to buy the product immediately and pay more than in the case of e-shopping. Thanks to OMNI7 , the salesperson is able to support the customer not only through direct service, but can also offer easy product searching and comparing, previously available only on the Internet.

OMNI7 allows salespersons to access information quickly, regardless of the part of the store they are in, at a given moment in time:

  • matching the product to customer needs straight away by comparison of respective parameterson a smartphone, tablet or in a multimedia kiosk;
  • comprehensive product information(e.g. technical data, quantity of products in storage and in partner shops, delivery dates, manuals, photos, films);
  • without writing on paper – systemhas the function of the virtual basket, so the customer and the employee do not need to remember what the customer has chosen or how much the specific products cost;
  • without filling in forms – a virtual basket can be sent to the cash desk, so the cash desk operator does not need to fill out the form used as the basis for customer payment and collection of products;
  • without wasting time – if a product is not available in the local stockroom, a salesperson can quickly check the delivery date or availability in other warehouses and arrange collection at a further date or at another venue;
  • all in one place – the customer can check the offer in one place and the salesperson does not have to move around the entire storeto present the interesting products to the customer or to send the customer to another salesperson.

OMNI7 is used by retail companies:

  • large-area stores (e.g. chains selling elements of home equipment: furniture, consumer electronics, lighting and decorative products);
  • stores selling large products and products hard to display;
  • points of sales with limited exposition space, which only handle the ordering process, and the order itself is executed by the central warehouse in another location;
  • shops offering a very large array of products, impossible to be fully displayed.


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